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Our glass is made from 50% recycled glass which, not only saves natural resources but also reduces CO₂.


Model 7345
Wt: 16.21 oz
Ht: 11.875"
bottle mold #7345C
Napa Claret SC
Model 8275
Wt: 28 oz
Ht: 12.284"
bottle mold #8275N
Rutherford Claret
Model 8335
Wt: 17.5 oz
Ht: 11.875"
bottle mold #8335C
Napa Claret
Model 8435
Wt: 16 oz
Ht: 11.875"
bottle mold #8435D
Sonoma Claret

Tapered Bordeaux

Model 4855
Wt: 22.52 oz
Ht: 11.765"
bottle mold #4855C
Carneros Taper SC
Model 8055
Wt: 19.12 oz
Ht: 11.875"
bottle mold #8055E
Alexander Valley Taper
Model 8255
Wt: 21.5 oz
Ht: 12.802"
bottle mold #8255N
Rutherford Taper
Model 8725
Wt: 22.91 oz
Ht: 12.979"
bottle mold #8725C
Rutherford Taper SC
Model 8795
Wt: 18.75 oz
Ht: 11.789"
bottle mold #8795N
Dry Creek Taper
Model 8805
Wt: 22.79 oz
Ht: 12.075"
bottle mold #8805N
Carneros Taper


Model 7255
Wt: 16.34 oz
Ht: 11.875"
bottle mold #7255D
Sonoma Burgundy SC
Model 8155
Wt: 20.63 oz
Ht: 11.671"
bottle mold #8155D
Paso Robles Burgundy
Model 8175
Wt: 25 oz
Ht: 11.654"
bottle mold #8175N
Rutherford Burgundy
Model 8195
Wt: 20.68 oz
Ht: 11.64"
bottle mold #8195D
Carneros Burgundy
Model 8265
Wt: 17.5 oz
Ht: 11.693"
bottle mold #8265D
Napa Burgundy
Model 8905
Wt: 18.86 oz
Ht: 11.609"
bottle mold #8905D
Carneros Burgundy SC
Model 8615
Wt: 20.21 oz
Ht: 11.614"
bottle mold #8615N
Dry Creek Burgundy


Model 8865
Wt: 14.25 oz
Ht: 11.758"
bottle mold #8865D
Lodi Burgundy SC
Model 2629
Wt: 21 oz
Ht: 13"
bottle mold #2629C
Livermore 1.5L
Model 2659
Wt: 21 oz
Ht: 12.914"
bottle mold #2659C
Livermore 1.5L SC
Model 7935
Wt: 14.25 oz
Ht: 11.758"
bottle mold #7935C
Lodi Claret
Model 8675
Wt: 14.25 oz
Ht: 11.758"
bottle mold #8675C
Lodi Claret SC

Sparkling & Other

Model 8145
Wt: 23.92 oz
Ht: 12.055"
bottle mold #8145C
Santa Cruz Sparkling Cider
Model 0601
Wt: 5.14 oz
Ht: 6.91"
bottle mold #0601C
Mendocino 187ml SC
Model 1005
Wt: 30 oz
Ht: 11.48"
bottle mold #1005C
Santa Maria Sparkling

State-of-the-art furnaces, modern manufacturing processes and control practices.

Gallo Glass is committed to making glass bottles locally, investing in research and technologies to stay ahead of the regulatory curve. California has set a CO₂ target of 90% reduction from today’s levels, by 2050. As a partner in IPGR (International Partners in Glass Research), we are actively working towards this goal. For progress and updates go to our website link IPGR.com to learn more about our 3G energy project.

Product Selection
  • 4 Colors Available
  • Eco Flint, Antique, Dead Leaf, and Champagne Green
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  • 2 Million Square Feet of Warehouse
  • Operating 150-Truck Fleet
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Configure to Order Program
Direct Access to Manufacturing
  • Technical, Production & Quality Departments
  • On-Line Information & Quality Reporting
  • Bottle Design & Performance Modeling
On-the-Road Technical Support
  • Experienced Bottle, Closure & Label Technicians
  • Bottle Performance Review (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Fast Troubleshooting & Resolution
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  • 64 Combined Years of Service
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